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3rd Congressional District of Connecticut

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Restoring Power to the People


History and the decline of great human civilizations has an uncanny ability to feed off each other. This feeding frenzy, upon which our human history has been built, has a cyclical pattern of approximately 250 years, a period which we are fast approaching. In the past, when a society collapsed, it started off slowly until a tipping point was reached, and like a light switch that society was no more. Before present day, people had the gift of migration to vast amounts of sparsely populated lands throughout the known world, in order to build societies anew.

Today we no longer have that option, for we have successfully settled our planet. Since there is nowhere left for liberty loving people to go, it is imperative that we halt our run to this fast approaching cliff, learn from our ancestors' mistakes, and preserve for our future generations the greatest and most productive society of free individuals the world has ever known. This is why I am compelled to step outside my comfort zone and run for Congress. Will you help me???

"Individual liberty is the solution to all of society's ills."

​- Unknown